How to take part in the Level up Coupon


  • The first code gives you a 10% off store-wide discount and is valid from January 12th for one week. 
  • Only if you make use of the first coupon within the first week you will be able to enter the second level and use the second coupon code from the 19th of January on. 
  • The second level coupon code code gives you a 20% off store-wide discount and it unlocks the third level that will start on January 26th. 
  • Only if you make use of the second coupon within the second week you will be able to enter the third level and use the third coupon code from the 26th of January on. 
  • The third level coupon code will get you a massive 50% off. 
  • No minimum order. 
  • Apply coupon codes at checkout. If the discount is not present in the subtotal, the coupon has not yet been applied. 
  • Not applicable to lossless fees.
  • Each coupon code can be used only once.
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