What should I do if I have a problem with a track that I purchased?

We do our best to provide our customers with quality music from the top dance labels around the world.

We do not normalize, re-master or engineer our files in any way. The music available on our site is a true reflection of the received WAV file straight from the label. As the standards of quality differ for all labels, so will the music they produce. Releases available from mainstream artists are expected to be mastered professionally simply because they are likely to have the resources to do so. However as we continue to proudly support the music of independent artists/labels, this may not be certain. Not all masters are necessarily a fair assessment of our artists' standards, but rather the resources available in producing them.

If you believe you have discovered a faulty or mislabeled track please report the issue to us by sending an email to support@beatport.com. Be sure to provide us with your username, the track name, your order number and the track times to any distortions or skips.


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