I am trying to change the Preferred Directory for my tracks in the Beatport Downloader, but I am unable to do so. How can I fix this?

To restore your settings to their default state please follow these instructions:

PC Users:

  • Open an Explorer Window by pressing the Windows key + E
  • In the Tools pull-down select 'Folder Options'
  •  In the Window that opens select the View tab
  •  Enable the option to 'Show hidden Files and Folders'
  •  Click 'Apply' and then 'OK'
  •  Next, click the 'Search' function above the Address Bar
  •  Select a Search for 'All Files and Folders' and perform a search for config.bpc
  •  This file contains the settings for the Downloader. Once you have located it, you can delete it and your settings will default to their orginal state
  •  At this point you should be able to designate your preferred save location
  •  Remember to disable the 'Show hidden Files and Folders' setting once you have deleted the config.bpc file

Mac Users:

  • You will need to clear out your Beatport Downloader config file (beatport.cfg)
  •  Navigate to: Drive > Users > [login user name] > Library > Preferences > BeatportDownloader [some numbers] > Local Store
  •  Erase all files


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