How do I upload a mix?

What Can I Upload?

You can upload up to 500 Mb as long as it's a constant bit rate 320k MP3 audio file.

If you intend on selling your mix, the tracks in your file must have been purchased from the Beatport account associated with your DJ Profile. If the tracks in your file were not purchased from Beatport, you can upload a mix for preview only.

1. Go to and click on “Upload Your Mix”

2. Choose an option to either sell or not sell your mix. You can sell your mix if it contains tracks you have purchased from Beatport* and/or your wholly owned productions. If your mix contains copyrighted material you do not control that was not purchased from Beatport, you should select 'no'.

*Not all tracks on Beatport are available for Beatport Mixes at this time.

3. Add a mix image (optional). If you don’t upload an image file, your DJ profile image will be used. Add a mix title (required) and a mix description (optional)   

Note: A full URL added into a description will be displayed as a clickable link once the mix is published.

4. Select “Upload Mix File” to begin uploading your mix. Please be patient as your mix uploads - this can take time, depending on your internet connection. In the meantime, you can move on to the next step of adding tracks.  

5. Click on “Add Tracks” tosearch for tracks in your mix that are available on Beatport, or if you are using songs that are your own original productions, use the “Your Tracks” option.

If the mix you are publishing is for sale, select the tracks from your Beatport purchase history or use the “Your Tracks” option to add your own productions.


Mixes published with track lists are far more likely to be discovered by your fans.


Once you are done adding tracks, click on “Back to Mix”


6. Set start and end times for each track by dragging the artwork across the waveform. You can also manually enter times next to each track in the list. Once the mix upload process is complete, the mix will begin to play, so you may preview it prior to publishing.

7. Once the mix has finished uploading, a “Publish Mix” button will appear. If you are satisfied with your track times, click to publish your mix to Beatport. Your mix will automatically be shown on the Beatport Mixes homepage in the Newest Mixes section in the order it was published.



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