How do I use the advanced download file and folder naming feature?

The advanced file and folder naming feature gives you full control over how your downloads are organized.

You can build a folder hierarchy and rename the files using the available meta data values for the track. This includes such meta data values as (non-exhaustive):

  • Track ID
  • Track Name
  • Track Mix Name
  • Track BPM
  • Track Key Info

You can also mix in static text with the variable values to set things up just the way you like it!

This feature is not enabled by default, to enabled and configure it:

1. Open Preferences and select the Downloads section.

2. Enabled Use advanced and file naming.

3. Select the 'Configure' button.

A dialog will open and you can then setup the configuration you want. Each section provides a few example configurations to help you get started. Hit the + button and select an example from the Examples menu.

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