How can I tag my tracks with Album Artwork?

Tagging artwork for electronic music can be frustrating as many releases do not reach the main stream music stores that most tagging tools utilize as sources for images.


Beatport Pro makes use of Beatport's massive back catalog of releases to try and fill this gap.


To tag artwork, drop audio files onto Beatport Pro's dock icon or select files via the 'Add Files' button on the Artwork Tagging toolbar.


Going on the basis that any relevant artwork image, however small, is better than no image at all, Beatport Pro will super-impose smaller images onto a higher quality template images in the style of a vinyl record, with the artwork image becoming the label. Various aspects of this template feature, such as template style or minimum size, can be configured via the Preferences.

In the new Beatport Pro for Mac, you can tag your artwork as well as other metadata by adding your tracks to your collection and then selecting the Sync with Beatport button.

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