How do I remove tracks and releases from My Beatport?

The My Beatport section works very much like an email inbox. This means you can delete items that are no longer of interest to you.

To delete an item, first select it and then hit backspace or the delete key. You can also select 'Delete' from the right-click pop-up menu.

The track and release views are linked. Therefore, if you delete all the tracks related to a release, the release will also be deleted and vice-versa.


In the new Beatport Pro for Mac, My Beatport is a filter that enables you to browse both your collection and the store. You can add additional filters to your My Beatport to create new and unique ways to browse the store.

Simply select where you’d like to browse either in the store or library. Select the My Beatport Artists or Labels from the presets bar at the top of the application. The filtered results will be displayed.

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