How do I sell my tracks on Beatport?

We really appreciate your interest in working with us.  At this time we are only working with labels for direct signing.

If you are a label:
Our label managers are only able to consider labels for direct signing who have the following available at the time of application:

1.    6 Month Release Schedule and Accompanying Promotion / Marketing

2.    Established Online Presence (Label Web Site, Facebook, Twitter, Mailing
       List, etc)

3.    Repertoire of Relevant Artists / Remixers
4.    DJ Testimonials for Previous Releases and Promotions

If you feel that you meet the criteria listed above for a direct signing please click here to fill out our online label application. We do recognize that not everyone will have all of these resources available to them. In these types of cases you might want to consider working with an aggregator who can help you streamline your distribution through several online retailers, as well as build your label's credibility.


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