Understanding your .CSV export file

Understanding your .CSV export file

Listed below are the corresponding Column Names and a description of that each name means or refers to. Four additional columns have been recently added:

Mechanical Withholding
US Tax withholding
US Tax withholding Percentage
US Tax withholding compliancy status. Please refer to their corresponding descriptions below.


Statement export file contains the following columns:


PRODUCT_CATALOGUE_NUMBER Release catalog number
LABEL Label name
RELEASE Release title
TRACK_TITLE Track title
TRACK_ARTIST Track artists (comma separated)
REMIXER_NAME Remixers (comma separated)
REMIX Remix name
TERRITORY Country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 standard)
PURCHASE_STATUS Item status at time of purchase (new release/exclusive/general content)
FORMAT Audio format
DELIVERY Delivery method
TRANSACTION_DATE Transaction date
CONTENT_TYPE/td> Content type (single/release)
TRACK_COUNT Number of tracks in a release at time of purchase (1 for track sales)
GROSS_CONTENT_REVENUE Gross lossless audio format revenue
GROSS_WAV_REVENUE Gross lossless audio format revenue
PAID_PRICE Gross revenue total (Gross content revenue + gross lossless audio format revenue)
NET_CONTENT_REVENUE Label's content revenue share (gross content revenue multiplied by label's % share per your contract)
NET_WAV_REVENUE Label's lossless audio format revenue share (gross lossless audio format revenue multiplied by 50%)
MECHANICAL_WITHHOLDING Mechanical withholding (For all Non-USA sales, amount is Paid Price multiplied by 10%)
US_TAX_WITHHOLDING Required US income tax withholding on content sales occurring in the USA (Tax withholding % *(Net Content Revenue + Net Lossless Revenue)
WITHHELD_AMOUNT Withheld amount (Mechanical withholding + US Income tax withholding)
US_TAX_WITHHOLDING_PERCENT Required US Income tax withholding percent
US_TAX_WITHHOLDING_COMPLIANCY_STATUS US Income tax withholding compliancy status (1 = compliant, 0 = non-compliant)
NET_TOTAL Total label's revenue share (label's content revenue share + label's lossless audio format revenue share - withheld amount)
SALE_TYPE Sale type (Sale/Void)
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