I have received an incomplete file, how can I recover it?

After a track has been downloaded the first time it will be temporarily available in the 'Available Downloads' page: https://pro.beatport.com/downloads/available.

Our label agreements limit this re-download period to 24 hours.

During this time feel free to re-attempt the download of any track or pack that may have been damaged or cut short during delivery.

Please be sure to delete the old version of the file before you re-download (delete all references to the track from iTunes or any other application) and make sure you don't rename it.

If you realize that you have an incomplete download after the 24 hours re-download period please contact our Customer Support to reset your recent downloads.

Please send an email to support@beatport.com.

We ask that you note your username, order number, as well as all pertinent track or pack information to request a reset.

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